Monday, June 18, 2012


Was totally in scherzo these past few weeks. Day after day, I’m anxious about the requirements and the underpinnings of enrollment itself that needs to be done on a very limited time. Let alone the physical constraints as I still need to work full time.

I couldn’t just imagine the hell I’ve been through from accomplishing my pre registration forms to proudly waving my form 5 with a certification from the Registrar’s office that it’s fully paid. the feeling of “oh this is new!” specially my introduction with CRS which you can see your student profile and the available courses and its description online. It made my stay in UP Cebu as if it was a time of the Dark Ages. Then was able to understand and literally experience “UP ikot”. The tiresome pilgrimage of going from one hall to another. From Vinzon’s hall to Public Health, to College of fine arts then the OUR and vice versa (specially if something went wrong or something lacking)

the blanket of exhaustion finally took off when I’m on my 2nd week. As I already know my room numbers and I find my hidden gardens where I can just have my brewed coffee and smoke. I kinda like Mondays and Saturdays in UPDIL. It’s very nice and quite. Compared to the days in between when it’s full of either the blabber mouths or the disturbing geeks, of which, sometimes, I could also be temporarily transformed into one of them. I think I’m very much of a person who camouflage with my environment. Because of that I also found new friends.

My first friend is Marriane. She’s a transferee from Ateneo. We become friends because of her unusual boots. She’s like a modern character on one of Kafka’s book so mabe that's why i become fond of her at first glance. And she smokes as well (she prefers Winston lights which Francis also smoke and he’s also from Ateneo). She’s fun and has an inclination to be a lesbian. i was even mystified with her female crush and able to come up with a slogan: "Donna Go, Please don't go" But she confirm she’s bisexual (as everyone else is) she also got cheeky girl friends whom I would love to kid around while I grab them by the hair. It’s so fun! It’s just that I couldn’t remember all their names.

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