Sunday, June 17, 2012


Since I met Bryan, I usually spend my weekends in Antipolo. It reminds me of Busay in Cebu. Where you can see the city below. But compared to Busay, Antipolo is already becoming of an urban area than an escape from city living. Fortunately, Bryan’s place is located in a cul-de-sac of a certain subdivision up there. So they have this veranda where you can see a view of the nearby mountains and the “remaining” trees. Together with his friends and their “mommy” we spend the whole day drinking coffee or brandy. Playing cards, talk, sing, smoke and if the moment permit it, Bryan and I do some cuddling. That went on since we first met, on May 19.

Tomorrow is Bryan’s bday. And we had a very bad fight last night. So I’m declaring sort of a cold war against him. We are supposed to be together in Antipolo but I decided to get loose of any relationship responsibilities and took flight on my own. So I went to Shang Cinema as it’s having the last day of French Film Festival for this year.

It’s been almost a month since the last time I rode the MRT. I only take the train during weekends when it’s my day off from work. So I’m itching again to wander around the metropolitan--- ‘cause every time I’m inside a train, I’m always caught up with the idea: ”today, there’s something gonna happen”

I really thought I wouldn’t able to catch even a single entry for this film festival as my weekend was already plotted. But for some reasons, the Art Universe is not willing for me to give up my annual traditions. Was constantly present since French film festival intertwined with my interest with foreign films. It was as long as I’ve known Cine Europa

Last year, most films are starred by Sandrine Bonnaire, while this year, it’s the director Olivier Assayas which films are featured through out the festival. Was planning to see his (L’eau Froide, 1994) and (Irma Vep, 1996) but I cannot afford to be absent from my classes and from my work. So I was presented with this take it or leave it film: Roses à Crédit

Strange enough, it’s the least of my choice for this year’s runner ups. But the film was at first sweet, then eventually it became provocative, and intense yet in the end, it was so melancholic.

It was an anticipated tragedy coated with mellifluous romanticism and presented beautifully by the main character Marjoline (Léa Seydoux)

For me, the plot is not that interesting. A woman who becomes enslave with the material world is very cliché. But what I was impressed of is with the film’s style and technique, the supporting characters, their dialogue and the acting. It’s like a run of the mill break fast meal consisting of bacon and egg but it was served visually and emotionally striking.

After watching it, I decided, that film made up my French film festival experience for this year. I didn’t line up for an hour, for another entry, scheduled that day and came back face to face with my own drama while being tickled and choked with my own solitude while wandering within the entrails of rain drenched lonesome city.

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