Saturday, July 28, 2012

self declared holiday part 1/2

Consistency is the key. That’s what I always get from my boss to do something greater than what you’ve already achieved. I did well on my job, and I’m also trying to get well with my studies. But with extra curricular activities in between, there are times when you need to get off from that ideal pathway and run around the fields. It’s the time when everything I’ve piled up inevitably crumbles and then I say: come what may.

It started after series of exams and paper works on my 2nd month in the academe that I felt it’s taking its toll on me. Not to mention the work related stress i got from the office. So I said to myself, or the “myself” said to “I”, whatever the sequence is:

I need a break.

And this kind of break entails not going to work nor attend my classes. But there are times when you need to live a life that should be lived without those invincible strings attached. So here are exactly how i commence my self declared guilt ridden holiday and the culprits:


Russ came here in manila for his national youth commission training and for that I made my Friday and the whole weekend clear of any appointment for the idea to be with him, my best friend, whom I’ve never seen for more than three months and couldn’t be certain when will I ever see him again. So in short, I need to see him and already filed a leave for that matter.

But he’s on a 2 week training program that he cannot get himself out of, so I have no other option but to use my leave credit set on that day (Friday) and good thing I got this invitation from a new found friend named Mari Santiago who invited me for Cinemalaya opening in CCP. Where we watched Babae Sa Breakwater as a tribute to the recent passing of Mario O'Hara 

from left to right: jose estves, aj rollon, richard sorriano legaspi, sir Ricky Lee, Sigfried Barros-Sanchez, claire agbayani, benjie razon, timo magalang, Mari M. Santiago and yours truly

Still, Russ cannot be reached the day after so my Saturday night was spent with Mari and her nephew at conspiracy. Was supposed to attend an artist talk at the nearby cafĂ© but I was too late and too tired to attend so I skip to the beer and talk session instead which we were joined by a psychic, named Bong. But the highlight of that night is when I unexpectedly saw my school crush who happens to be part of a band playing that night. And he plays the electronic guitar. That’s like 1000 pogi points for me. They play this electronic/ instrumental /progressive genre that made me stand up and dance at their back, as we stayed outside. It was 7th heaven for me, how much more if we had the chance to talk and all. But I think he’s straight and he already has a girlfriend. But what I felt is otherwise.


On Sunday. I watched Intoy Syokoy sa Kalye Marino. on my own

self declared holiday part 2/2

Was suppose to meet with Markus, but I think he is with his ex bf so I spent a weekday with Angelo (and I call him angelito as he reminds me of JM de Guzman of Angelito and Intoy syokoy) the way he likes me made me like him. But I still think of my school crush and sometimes, I still think of Markus.

Two things that make Angelo a winner is his ala indie film face, and his voice. He’s part of a chorale in one of the school here in manila. While we were cuddling, I asked him to sing for me and he did. I forgot the title but it sounds like and he sings the like of boyz2men

Was already late for work when he has to go, I was too tired to get off from bed and was too lazy to prepare for work. So declared it as my personal holiday.


July 25, 2012

Finally Russ came out from his NYC related programs and he is heading at my place, and with his bf, Lem. We had breakfast and then we went to Trinoma where we had this weird tasting jelly beans bean boozed. Good thing, upon scoring some tickets for the Dark Knight Rises, we went to Gelatissimo for some ice cream to take advantage of their buy 1 and get 1 free scoop promo. As usual, I go for pistachio flavor(ite) ice cream =)

We then went to CCP to meet Mark, Denisa Reyes and her nephew, Steffano. When we got in, we were just on time for the Cinemalaya Shorts B and was blown by the first entry: Ang Paghihintay sa Bulong of which I voted for the best short film category.

Then we went to Oarhouse within Malate and had a lengthy talk with other film enthusiasts and made it to the last people who closed the bar.

Russ is flying back to Cebu the next day. I also need to wake myself up and remind myself to go back to the right pathway. Enough running around the fields, for now.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

trying to figure out Leandro Locsin's aesthetic principle

                             photo taken by Lemuel De Leon at CCP

Saturday, July 21, 2012

isang liham

kinakailangan pa ba ng
bigkis ng sining at agham

upang maintindihan ang
iyong mga nakatagong liham

na wari'y sumasalaysay
sa himig ng yung pagkukunwari

kung saan tumitimbang
ang mga sari saring

aspeto ng kaunlaran at kasukdulan
sa kwentong tila walang patutunguhan

isang liham na di matapos tapos
di maipasok sa bote at

di maitapon
sa dagat ng katiyakan

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Well, it’s the moment when you caught him looking at you. Or was it him caught you looking at him. Either way, our eyes had that spanking yet silent greeting: hey there.

I wonder who’s with him in the crowded club on a Saturday night and found out he’s with other two companions and they seems having a lot of fun. While here I am, on the bartender’s bench, taking refuge with my drink and the music. It’s those nights when you itched to go out and just fuck the hell of a week worth of stress caused by daily livelihood. A toast for the weekend.

I might not be overly blessed financially but I am blessed with good PR. So going alone in the club is not a big deal for me, I usually come out with a newly met companion. And it’s easy for me that way, an easy ticket to be singled out.

So I thought looking at him looking at me, is a go signal. So we had this casual toast and cheered. We introduced ourselves then had this chit chat between sipping drinks. Eventually he introduced me to his best friend and his best friend’s sister.

Um ok, so lets party.

We had fun and were dead tired after the dawn. Then we end up going to his best friend’s place where we stayed overnight. We cook dinner, had karaoke and watched TV. The usual domestic kind of life which I totally miss.

There was no perfect moment but there was some romantic tension between me and Markus. While we were alone, he said he likes me and yeah, obviously, i also told him that i like him. we also had this stolen kiss moment. But I noticed he and his best friend are quite too “close” more than a best of friends could be. Well, me and my core friends Russ, Vera and Chai do hugged and all. But we don’t cuddle that much and do those sleazy stuff. So now I question: Are they just “best friends”?


Apparently, I found out that he lied. Or let say he lied 50% but still it’s a lie. He admitted that his best friend is actually his ex. That they have some issues in the past and they decided to call it quits but for some circumstances his ex is still with him. So i told him he should have told me in the first place so I know my position and know how I should act. But he then explained I might get turned off or something to that effect. And he doesn’t have any intention for me to get into trouble. His ex and his sister were actually fond of me. They were fun to be with as well. but I can’t imagine if I’ll see them again, should I just play it cool? And act as if there’s nothing to be aware of.

At this time, i don’t know how to react and what should I feel. No question, I’m a bit confused. oh, let me change that. I’m totally confused.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


ibulong mo
ang pangalan ko
sa mga libo libong
nawawalang spiritu

himayin ang mga daing
nitong mga paa
kung saan saan na
upang masulyap ang tamis
ng yung pagtingin

inaasam asam
ang muling pagtagpo
ng ating mga braso
ng ating mga anino

sabik sa haplos ng yung pagsisinungaling
mga ilusyon na nagpapaliyab
sa aking mga mata
mga ala-ala o haka-haka
na minsan,
tayong dalawa ay nag-iisa
isang saglit ng kahapong
inanod na ng limot
o di kaya,
di mo nais makita

uncovering manansala

The Arts and Sciences Mural
(Vicente Manansala)

The mural which is located inside the Lobby of AS Building in UP Diliman couldn't be missed by any passerby as it totally consume the whole portion of the wall that could span of 14 meters long and 2 meters wide. It consist of a human figure in the center, juxtaposed with several turbulent figures of different objects such as a clump of dark clouds with lightning, a pair of carabao, an abacus and a test tube. All these are situated on the left. While on the right side, one can see a compass (for drafting), a study of human form (madonna and child), an hour glass, a lamp, a violin, some dead woods, a hall or a portion of a building and a mushroom cloud. These are all painted on this huge wall in a particular order that could give a sense of balance or unification towards the central figure which is the full anatomy of a human figure, in between two shrubs (of sampaguita), that looks like it is thinking or in the midst of contemplation , which I must also add, on the upper left portion of it is a weighing scale where the human heart and a human brain is weighted equal by the human eye.

Assessing the primary figures and the central theme of this mural, makes me think of the human interaction with different kind of immediate resources and the multilevel discipline in the fields of art and sciences. Every objects are metaphors that could lead us into it's own visual queues such as the madonna and child could pertain to fine arts, violin is to music, the hall and the drafting compass is to architecture or say, theater. And for sciences, test tube could be for chemistry or biology, the abacus is for mathematical calculations and so on. All these interrelated to the man's ability to acquire knowledge while inside the academe.

Moreover, the whole piece reminds me of Salvador Dali's surrealist paintings where the concept of time and space melted into a dimension that employs extensive symbolism. Each object has its own subject matter which the artist uses to portray this scholastic idea and yes, an ulterior purpose of this artwork why it was painted inside the AS Lobby. It's like passing by a tombstone and there it is written the name of the deceased, and if by chance you can remember or identify that person, then a train of thoughts or random memories would sprout in a snap of a finger. So as this mural presented itself for the human eyes to see, for the human heart to feel and for the human brain to think. An artwork that serves as an emblem for the the whole building itself. A caption. A prologue of a story. A reminder. The sole purpose of art.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


If only I could fly to Cebu to experience this. Even here in Manila, it's very rare for anyone to see an intimate performance art like this. I have witnessed and experience some of the artist's past performances and I could consider myself lucky to be imbued with his cathartic narratives. For those who can and for those who don't need to fly, then i encourage you to land on this:

MDM B.... NIYAAN IS RUSS LIGTAS | Show Dates and Details

Show dates:
July 11 - Handuraw Events Cafe, Gorordo Ave., Lahug
July 12 - Alternative Contemporary Art Studio, D. Jakosalem St.
July 13 - Bantawan Sugbu Theater, 91 Visitacion St.
July 14 -Cafe Elysa, Zamora St. Pari-an District

Door fees: Php150/regular | Php100/student
Limited seating capacity | reservations suggested
For reservations| inquiries contact: Ms K 09178592930
For updates|information log on to or or follow Russ at

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