Sunday, July 15, 2012


Well, it’s the moment when you caught him looking at you. Or was it him caught you looking at him. Either way, our eyes had that spanking yet silent greeting: hey there.

I wonder who’s with him in the crowded club on a Saturday night and found out he’s with other two companions and they seems having a lot of fun. While here I am, on the bartender’s bench, taking refuge with my drink and the music. It’s those nights when you itched to go out and just fuck the hell of a week worth of stress caused by daily livelihood. A toast for the weekend.

I might not be overly blessed financially but I am blessed with good PR. So going alone in the club is not a big deal for me, I usually come out with a newly met companion. And it’s easy for me that way, an easy ticket to be singled out.

So I thought looking at him looking at me, is a go signal. So we had this casual toast and cheered. We introduced ourselves then had this chit chat between sipping drinks. Eventually he introduced me to his best friend and his best friend’s sister.

Um ok, so lets party.

We had fun and were dead tired after the dawn. Then we end up going to his best friend’s place where we stayed overnight. We cook dinner, had karaoke and watched TV. The usual domestic kind of life which I totally miss.

There was no perfect moment but there was some romantic tension between me and Markus. While we were alone, he said he likes me and yeah, obviously, i also told him that i like him. we also had this stolen kiss moment. But I noticed he and his best friend are quite too “close” more than a best of friends could be. Well, me and my core friends Russ, Vera and Chai do hugged and all. But we don’t cuddle that much and do those sleazy stuff. So now I question: Are they just “best friends”?


Apparently, I found out that he lied. Or let say he lied 50% but still it’s a lie. He admitted that his best friend is actually his ex. That they have some issues in the past and they decided to call it quits but for some circumstances his ex is still with him. So i told him he should have told me in the first place so I know my position and know how I should act. But he then explained I might get turned off or something to that effect. And he doesn’t have any intention for me to get into trouble. His ex and his sister were actually fond of me. They were fun to be with as well. but I can’t imagine if I’ll see them again, should I just play it cool? And act as if there’s nothing to be aware of.

At this time, i don’t know how to react and what should I feel. No question, I’m a bit confused. oh, let me change that. I’m totally confused.

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