Saturday, July 28, 2012

self declared holiday part 1/2

Consistency is the key. That’s what I always get from my boss to do something greater than what you’ve already achieved. I did well on my job, and I’m also trying to get well with my studies. But with extra curricular activities in between, there are times when you need to get off from that ideal pathway and run around the fields. It’s the time when everything I’ve piled up inevitably crumbles and then I say: come what may.

It started after series of exams and paper works on my 2nd month in the academe that I felt it’s taking its toll on me. Not to mention the work related stress i got from the office. So I said to myself, or the “myself” said to “I”, whatever the sequence is:

I need a break.

And this kind of break entails not going to work nor attend my classes. But there are times when you need to live a life that should be lived without those invincible strings attached. So here are exactly how i commence my self declared guilt ridden holiday and the culprits:


Russ came here in manila for his national youth commission training and for that I made my Friday and the whole weekend clear of any appointment for the idea to be with him, my best friend, whom I’ve never seen for more than three months and couldn’t be certain when will I ever see him again. So in short, I need to see him and already filed a leave for that matter.

But he’s on a 2 week training program that he cannot get himself out of, so I have no other option but to use my leave credit set on that day (Friday) and good thing I got this invitation from a new found friend named Mari Santiago who invited me for Cinemalaya opening in CCP. Where we watched Babae Sa Breakwater as a tribute to the recent passing of Mario O'Hara 

from left to right: jose estves, aj rollon, richard sorriano legaspi, sir Ricky Lee, Sigfried Barros-Sanchez, claire agbayani, benjie razon, timo magalang, Mari M. Santiago and yours truly

Still, Russ cannot be reached the day after so my Saturday night was spent with Mari and her nephew at conspiracy. Was supposed to attend an artist talk at the nearby café but I was too late and too tired to attend so I skip to the beer and talk session instead which we were joined by a psychic, named Bong. But the highlight of that night is when I unexpectedly saw my school crush who happens to be part of a band playing that night. And he plays the electronic guitar. That’s like 1000 pogi points for me. They play this electronic/ instrumental /progressive genre that made me stand up and dance at their back, as we stayed outside. It was 7th heaven for me, how much more if we had the chance to talk and all. But I think he’s straight and he already has a girlfriend. But what I felt is otherwise.


On Sunday. I watched Intoy Syokoy sa Kalye Marino. on my own

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