Saturday, July 28, 2012

self declared holiday part 2/2

Was suppose to meet with Markus, but I think he is with his ex bf so I spent a weekday with Angelo (and I call him angelito as he reminds me of JM de Guzman of Angelito and Intoy syokoy) the way he likes me made me like him. But I still think of my school crush and sometimes, I still think of Markus.

Two things that make Angelo a winner is his ala indie film face, and his voice. He’s part of a chorale in one of the school here in manila. While we were cuddling, I asked him to sing for me and he did. I forgot the title but it sounds like and he sings the like of boyz2men

Was already late for work when he has to go, I was too tired to get off from bed and was too lazy to prepare for work. So declared it as my personal holiday.


July 25, 2012

Finally Russ came out from his NYC related programs and he is heading at my place, and with his bf, Lem. We had breakfast and then we went to Trinoma where we had this weird tasting jelly beans bean boozed. Good thing, upon scoring some tickets for the Dark Knight Rises, we went to Gelatissimo for some ice cream to take advantage of their buy 1 and get 1 free scoop promo. As usual, I go for pistachio flavor(ite) ice cream =)

We then went to CCP to meet Mark, Denisa Reyes and her nephew, Steffano. When we got in, we were just on time for the Cinemalaya Shorts B and was blown by the first entry: Ang Paghihintay sa Bulong of which I voted for the best short film category.

Then we went to Oarhouse within Malate and had a lengthy talk with other film enthusiasts and made it to the last people who closed the bar.

Russ is flying back to Cebu the next day. I also need to wake myself up and remind myself to go back to the right pathway. Enough running around the fields, for now.

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