Saturday, December 29, 2012

day night day night

Can barely remember when  i've watched this film,
 it was one of those films that Russ would recommend me to
watch while he would go to sleep since he has  already seen it.


I'm still haunted with the female suicide bomber's mantra.
And the way it hits me was in a form of implication
That no matter how careful you can get,
(less vices, e.g. living a healthy lifestyle, do safe sex, don't go out that much)
we will all die eventually in some ways we couldn't fully determine. 

(whispering) Everybody dies.
Some fall from a window and die.
Others die when an air conditioner
falls from a window and hits them.
Some people drive and hit something and die.
Some people get hit by a car and die.Some are knifed.
some are shot.|some are strangled.
some bleed to death|with bare hands and die.

Some people die when|a neighbor is smoking and sets off a fire.
some people just die from smoking. Some|die from lung cancer.
stomach cancer.Some die from heart attacks. strokes.
People get cirrhosis of the liver and die.Some freeze to death.|

some die from pneumonia.
Some die from heat stroke.|
some from getting bit by mosquitoes.
Some just die from throwing up.|
Some people get bit by dogs and die.
Some fall off a horse and get trampled.
Some are trampled to death|by other people.
Some get old and die.I'v made up my mind.

I have only|one death.
I want my death to be for you.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

almost done

Giving appropriate justice & final ceremonies on the few remaining chapters, 
guess I'm gonna cry now ☹ 

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