Monday, April 29, 2013


just a simple and amateurish video for my friend's bday.
well, it's her special day
so "this" i consider a special dedication.

Happy Birthday Vera Leigh.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

plate number what?

found this in the corner of my unorganized "my docu" folders. i almost forget about this.

it was one of our charcoal plate under sir Munds class, when we have the whole time to get lost in light and space, and we find our hands in between the surface of an agitated paper, eventually noticing our dusty fingers.

i wish the original still exists. i'll ask my mother about it. i hope by talking to her i wont find out that it's already eaten by termites--- or (worse) got lost in the darkness, to forgetfulness.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

i have a confession

I'm a huge fan of Himala, as much as I have a lunatic appreciation for wowowie.

Some of the factors that hook me up are the raucous and hysteria when willie or elsa appears to madlang people. Its amazing and scary at the same time! And of course, who can forget the scene of the stampede? (Which both of them have in common)

anyway, It was completely euphoric when just this morning, I got my hands on this book: Sa Puso ng Himala by Ricky Lee.

Thanks Mari Santiago, salamat at lubos kung malalaman ang kakayahan ng mga tao gumawa ng diyos, sumpa at higit sa lahat: himala.

Monday, April 01, 2013

give us us free!

Was supposed to go to Boracay this holy week. As going there isn’t that expensive anymore as my friends already booked their ticket via 2go and they only spent around Php -1800.00+ back and forth!* they already booked it since early February. So I said, yes! I will surely go with you guys!

But come March I still did not book a ticket. Its also because my payroll account under hsbc is locked for online payment which really sucks and I have to find a ticketing office for this matter. Since it’s still school days (plus I have a full time job). I cannot squeeze myself to find that gundam! wing ticketing office.

We have 3 days off from work for the Lenten season plus 2 days for the weekend. So that’s 5 days worth of awesome goodness! Can’t imagine staying bored in my room all through out so I called my best friend russ and need to discuss our gameplan.

I can imagine thousands of places to go for this holy week, but there’s only one place that is appealing in my mind: Puerto Galera. I know it’s my 3rd year in a row, but it's sort of an annual ritual to go to that place where tempting beach and emotional landscape meet. And it’s just a bus and roro away from Manila. So russ and I decided to meet after my shift and take the early morn bus to Batangas.

I’m excited for him as it’s his first time to be in Puerto Galera.

We really had that lazy days by the beach. having wine and smoke, listening to jazz and samba. reading paper back novels. and then having a massage by the beach. it was quite relax and easy compared my previous years here in puerto when me and my other gay friends usually go for clubbing and boys hunting flirting. 

anyhow, so no work, no deadlines, no school papers. no stress. it's 5 days long of temporary bliss.

night time is when we start swimming and get amazed with the bioluminescence as  we wade, zoom and dance in the water. star like light emissions burst out from our limbs down to our fingertips; for a moment it's like being god, creating your own universe. 

as always, we wish Vera and Chai would be physically around. but it's like asking for the moon. nevertheless, in any part of the world, we usually have this virtual bonfire. for now, we were bound to keep on waiting, up until the next real one. somewhere, sometime.

*as of the date this article was written

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