Thursday, June 20, 2013

multiply RIP

was totally saddened when i just found out (yeah, rather too late) that multiply account already closed their social network services &  i can no longer retrieve my pictures & other files.

i tried to plead the 5th imperial stout out of cyber oracle (read google) but to no avail. there's no way to retrieve these supposedly "frozen to eternity" images.

out of hundreds and hundreds of pics, these are the only ones that i was able to retrieved & xferred to fb way back then..

i just hate the idea of snap shot memories downsized to digital image which is simply a numeric representation of a two-dimensional image. when accumulated these gigabytes worth of files can either be stored and crammed to your limited hardrive or memory card. most often than not, one simply upload it to social network sites as personal copies or to share it with friends and relatives rather printing it out and make an old school album.

i remembered my mother cried when some of our old albums were drenched with typhoon rains. totally blurred 1900's pictures can never be resurrected unless one of us has a kinda sorta photographic telekinesis that can separate the inks and put them on their original positions.

kung naa man gani tawo nga ing ana, nah' mulabad gyud iyang ulo! foh shu! 

what a convenience of uploading it to internet and has the assurance of not having these drenched by rain water?! but once a social network can no longer support (which is inscribed on their lengthy and not so reader friendly terms and conditions) and simply shut down their systems together with your memories. these treasured images, just like what happened to most of my pictures in multiply, were sucked into a vacuum of nothingness. like, OMIGEHD! even a minute bitmap of it is all gone, no bones nor ashes. (im gonna cry now)

i cannot imagine if this could also happen to facebook, there would be a major raucous from this impending cock-up to the social network universe.

i wish multiply could at least let their website become a grave site for old files, even if they don't continue with their profit driven scheme, they would have donated or made their site as a headstone to modernity and humanity.

Monday, June 17, 2013


one of the places i really wanna go the moment i migrated here in QC is Gayuma ni Maria, which is located in the guts of sikatuna village.

Which surprises me because it is just quite a quaint place, but surreally wide enough for your mind to wander.

The moment you get in, the ambiance and the aroma of the brewing coffee would snap that sense of harsh reality and set that fond intimacy of living the moment, a lingering experience of here and now.

here you can just drink your coffee and savor your mouthwatering desserts while talking with your companions, or if you wish and if it is deem necessary, go talk to yourself, it's no big deal on one of their secluded tables. talking to yourself is not just a crazy fool's habit but you can do it as well by doing a monologue or soliloquy if you demand for an audience other than yourself --- let’s say an imaginary friend.

better yet, read a novel or you can write poetry. Write love letters and hang it on their tree of love. The best option would be: simply reflect and dream. Yes, this is a place conducive for dreaming as, i think, the proprietor, Maria (biyayaan ka nawa) is a dreamer herself, so she set this place with a hypnagogic blanket and all you have to do is hover around, give yourself a gastronomical treat and let the time passed you by (I hope she would agree with me on that).

with sars, cherry and karl. 
photos by Cherry Arellano ---the one sitting and aimlessly smiling above =)
 'til the next!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

ewan, basta!

at tulad ng isang di inaasahang pagkakataon,
andon siya, nakaupo.

naka titig sa isang lalake
na hiling ay sana naging isang babae

isang abandonada,
lahat ng inaasam asam ay biglang naglaho

isang abandonada
wari'y inaagnas, napag iwanan ng tadhana.

habang ako,
wari'y naninigas, nakatitig sa kanya

nabibighani? ewan.
gusto ko siya? pwede. basta

inaasam asam, na siya na sana
ang tinadhana para sa akin

at sana
di siya biglang maglaho

at sana
di na, maging isang abandonada

subalit,datapwat, pagkat
di nya pa ako nakikilala

Monday, June 03, 2013

the mourning after

Those moments when Sars & I have this urge to see the sea after singing & drinking our hearts out along kalye nakpil in malate. 

We always have our very own intimate concert then we end up with this kind of applause for the coming day before we doze off 

*photos taken at manila de bay

Saturday, June 01, 2013

let's get lost, in the woods

Summer just slipped momentarily into its cove like a hermit crab suddenly detects someone walking nearby. I couldn’t bear to remember how hot April and May months were. I dunno if it is not as terrible as Cebu’s coastal city, but here in Quezon city, the throngs of acacia and fire trees somehow dilutes the fiery breeze that could turn waters into vapors.

In between taking shower and turning the AC in full blast, summer in the city is just hot. Most posts in my BB social keeps on whining how hot it is, from bbm to twitter to facebook. If only I could just simply take a 2 month vacation leave with pay, I would go north, in Sagada or the coastal shores of Batanes. But I’m stuck here in Quezon City and the only way I could divert this fever is to take a brisk walk and get lost in the woods. A moment when you could just dash against uncertainties and find yourself, breathing, living.

Just the way we get lost ourselves every time we run from something, it might sound to be very escapist but most times, the only thing to do is run. And there are times, when there’s this urge to dance, to drink and sing.

Summer nights were spent more on going to the clubs, beer garden and karaoke bars with my new “mareh” and her name is Sars. She’s only 23 and she’s a mother of 3 children. I like her coolness, the way she deal and solve her daily struggles and her demons. I like her more than any other girl in the office who just keeps on whining or raising lady lazarus with their rantings.

It’s been raining for almost one week now, and the once dusty sidewalk are now filled with mini pools which I like seeing my hand half raised while seeing it touching the sky. Wish I can just stay at home and cuddle with someone whole day long, instead I’m in the office. While having this post and working my ass off this Saturday, I could see Sars’ empty seat right behind me, getting jealous of how that absence means, she probably be somewhere, losing herself, in the woods.

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