Saturday, June 01, 2013

let's get lost, in the woods

Summer just slipped momentarily into its cove like a hermit crab suddenly detects someone walking nearby. I couldn’t bear to remember how hot April and May months were. I dunno if it is not as terrible as Cebu’s coastal city, but here in Quezon city, the throngs of acacia and fire trees somehow dilutes the fiery breeze that could turn waters into vapors.

In between taking shower and turning the AC in full blast, summer in the city is just hot. Most posts in my BB social keeps on whining how hot it is, from bbm to twitter to facebook. If only I could just simply take a 2 month vacation leave with pay, I would go north, in Sagada or the coastal shores of Batanes. But I’m stuck here in Quezon City and the only way I could divert this fever is to take a brisk walk and get lost in the woods. A moment when you could just dash against uncertainties and find yourself, breathing, living.

Just the way we get lost ourselves every time we run from something, it might sound to be very escapist but most times, the only thing to do is run. And there are times, when there’s this urge to dance, to drink and sing.

Summer nights were spent more on going to the clubs, beer garden and karaoke bars with my new “mareh” and her name is Sars. She’s only 23 and she’s a mother of 3 children. I like her coolness, the way she deal and solve her daily struggles and her demons. I like her more than any other girl in the office who just keeps on whining or raising lady lazarus with their rantings.

It’s been raining for almost one week now, and the once dusty sidewalk are now filled with mini pools which I like seeing my hand half raised while seeing it touching the sky. Wish I can just stay at home and cuddle with someone whole day long, instead I’m in the office. While having this post and working my ass off this Saturday, I could see Sars’ empty seat right behind me, getting jealous of how that absence means, she probably be somewhere, losing herself, in the woods.

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