Monday, June 17, 2013


one of the places i really wanna go the moment i migrated here in QC is Gayuma ni Maria, which is located in the guts of sikatuna village.

Which surprises me because it is just quite a quaint place, but surreally wide enough for your mind to wander.

The moment you get in, the ambiance and the aroma of the brewing coffee would snap that sense of harsh reality and set that fond intimacy of living the moment, a lingering experience of here and now.

here you can just drink your coffee and savor your mouthwatering desserts while talking with your companions, or if you wish and if it is deem necessary, go talk to yourself, it's no big deal on one of their secluded tables. talking to yourself is not just a crazy fool's habit but you can do it as well by doing a monologue or soliloquy if you demand for an audience other than yourself --- let’s say an imaginary friend.

better yet, read a novel or you can write poetry. Write love letters and hang it on their tree of love. The best option would be: simply reflect and dream. Yes, this is a place conducive for dreaming as, i think, the proprietor, Maria (biyayaan ka nawa) is a dreamer herself, so she set this place with a hypnagogic blanket and all you have to do is hover around, give yourself a gastronomical treat and let the time passed you by (I hope she would agree with me on that).

with sars, cherry and karl. 
photos by Cherry Arellano ---the one sitting and aimlessly smiling above =)
 'til the next!

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