Sunday, July 14, 2013

finally, anawangin

It has it's own charm and I am glad that it's a very remote cove that no establishment able to penetrate on these "serene" shores yet and I cross my fingers no establishment will ever make it here. why?

Because, the last thing I want to know is they will make this cove Bora-like or Puerto Galera-ish. I guess we have to keep this place on its total wilderness as to maintain it's authenticity and natural character.

It's very rare these days that a place like this within reach from Manila has the sound of crickets and the lights of fireflies at night instead of EDM coming from loudspeakers and blinding laser lights.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Confessions (official entry Eiga Sai 2013)

I'm still disturbed (and was really impressed) with the film Confessions, an entry for this year's Eiga Sai. 

Based on Kanae Minato’s disturbing novel, I was gripped from the beginning 'til the end. I felt so lucky and grateful seeing it on a big screen since most of this kind has limited international release. With its poetic images and linear but extreme narrative, I consider this as one of the best asian films I've ever seen. 

It is a psychological thriller that serves this main course: primal urge for vengeance over deep-seated hatred.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Tom Jones n'ako!

I don't know which started first: there was this waft of fried chicken in the air when all of a sudden i realized i haven't taken my dinner yet. Or was it because I haven't taken my dinner yet that's why i noticed this waft of fried chicken in the air?

One thing for sure is that I'm starving.

So I went inside this fast food chain where they serve this crispylicious chicken joy. The moment I get inside, there's a long queue greeted me with horror that I might end up fainting. But I'm determined that tonight I'll eat what I'm craving for: Two piece chicken joy meal on a hot sauce and sunny side up egg and upsized french fries. But the line took forever and my mind took its own liberty to divert my hunger pang to series of memories:

Bacolor Pampangga.

It's one of my spur of the moment travel itinerary when I decided visit a church where an indie film "Jay" (feat: coco martin and baron geisler) was filmed. in between riding tricycle to the lahar dipped church, I can hear locals speaking in Tagalog or at times, kapangpangan. As a Cebuano, it's something new to me and it feels like I'm on a taping of Maalala mo kaya or Jesica Soho reports.

Then I had this picture which coco and barron sort of having a wedding? Sorry my mem'ry is quite vague.

tagalog o filipino?

The moment I migrated here in manila. I have to speak in tagalog, and my tagalog is derived from my grade school Filipino lessons which most terms are quite archaic or malakas maka francisco balagtas!

McDonalds, Morayta

Was waiting for a go signal from my art criticism teacher for a museum visit when I sort of practicing my tagalog/filipino and was able to write this tula upon seeing a cute UST dude reviewing for an exam across my table:

isang liham

kinakailangan pa ba ng
bigkis ng sining at agham

upang maintindihan ang
iyong mga nakatagong liham

na wari'y sumasalaysay
sa himig ng yung pagkukunwari

kung saan tumitimbang
ang mga sari saring

aspeto ng kaunlaran at kasukdulan
sa kwentong tila walang patutunguhan

isang liham na di matapos tapos
di maipasok sa bote at

di maitapon
sa dagat ng katiyakan

AS lobby, UP Cebu

We had this theater workshop when we have to convince the facilitator to give us one peso by saying:

Taga-i ko piso.. Kay gigutom ko. Taga-i ko piso.. Kay gigutom ko. Taga-i ko piso.. Kay gigutom ko. Taga-i ko piso.. Kay gigutom ko. Taga-i ko piso.. Kay gigutom ko. Taga-i ko piso.. Kay gigutom ko. Taga-i ko piso.. Kay gigutom ko. Taga-i ko piso.. Kay gigutom ko. Taga-i ko piso.. Kay gigutom ko. 

Again and again and again until the facilitator finally was convi..

Suddenly, my reminiscing spell broke when unexpectedly, one the fast food crew, came to me and asked for my order. Was totally surprised and still in the verge of my golden memories, plus puyat and gutom, kaya napahawak ako sa kamay nya, look her in the eye at biglang bumula yung bibig ko in broken tagalog:

"Miss! nag cracrave ako ng two piece chicken joy With extra egg and french fries please! Naway itoy maiserve sa pinaka mabilis na panahon. Parang awa!"

Just like the other customers around me, the lady crew was surprised with my "surprised state" and took my order in total shock. Then she hurriedly announced it in the kitchen. Weird enough I got my meal first than the people lining up before me. Was kinda embarrassed, looked for a table in the corner and took my dinner in silence.

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