Wednesday, January 29, 2014


my fingers tried to trace the feelings
that still linger when i see your face
in my mind
a labyrinthal landscape
Swirling into the bushes
with no escape
for longing
for searching
that endless bliss
Eyes, dilated, in rapture
a palpation
of blood racing through my veins
into the chambers of my heart;
radiating to each corner of our embrace.
mouths half open
searing teeth that make love to my skin
---rubbing bodies melting into a pond
drowning ourselves
Breathing to each others breathe
In murmurs and moans
a chant of bygone tribes which dances
with the moon
welcoming, anticipating the coming of rain
that drench this parched land
that we are living in
--devoid of laughter
--devoid of dreams
a celabratory hymn
until we sweat amidst the cold
stroking each other to sleep
until then,
my fingers keep on tracing
the buried feelings
recounting the heat
that you bore
into my core
only to find my nails
filled with dirt
filled with defeat

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

too late & too sleepy

Blame it to miyazaki's "howl's moving castle". I wanna say sorry for those people at the sleeping lounge as they are now wondering why I keep on gasping and holding my voice as I wanna scream with excitement as I watch this movie. But sleeping lounge is the best place in the office to watch movies di ba?! Ahaha!

Next thing I know, I'm too late & too sleepy for fitness. Now my eyebags are working out as well ☹ 

Howl's Moving Castle

just as i thought i'm done watching all anime from studio ghibli, this film surprized me as it pops up the moment i typed in hayao miyazaki on watch32 mobile site. the top entries on their search engine are my favorites (well i think all of them are. from my neighbour totoro, kiki's delivery service, the borrower ariety and so on) then the moment i scrolled down, i found this film at the very bottom, and im glad it's viewable on my mobile as i need to kill some time as i'm waiting for the office gym to be vacant.

the environment and the emotional landscapes remind me of castle in the sky and kiki's delivery service combined. but the plot is quite different and somehow it gives me this certain jolt of warm elation upon realizing that being old is not that bad. i mean, i already had this bargaining with the universe that i would be contended and consider myself lucky to die at 50 as i really don't wanna be a senile old man and be somebody's pain in the ass. but Sofie's experience in this film somehow deviate on that notion, maybe because of the magic hayao miyazaki put her in--- without it, her life could be miserably dull and boring. but hey' all of us can still make magic! in one way or another!

well another hayao miyazaki film that sends me flying.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Keep the fire and we gonna let it burn

my ideal would be every other day or at least 3 times a week, there are certain months that i can attain that but usually i could only hit the gym twice a week, maybe because i usually jog on weekends and i could consider that as an ultimate workout, not just for the body but also for my restless soul.

my ideal time for gym would be after shift, around 1am or 2am, by then i have the whole office gym for myself. while working out, i can burst out my frustrations, sometimes anger. lifting weights kinda not my thing but i have to for me to gain weight and bulk up my naturally wafer-thin figure. i can dance and sing out loud specially during warm showers. in a way, it's all about de-stressing.

meanwhile jogging around UP ikot make me reminisce and listen to Jam 88.3's "different Sunday"

but if i have the time and resources, i would like to enroll myself for a swimming club. and maybe tennis. and yeah.. pole dancing! then a combination of all working out discipline such as plana forma? but then again, i hate crowd. for me i would lose focus and cannot complete my self imposed routine. since the last quarter of last year, it's been shivering cold here in manila plus the recent holidays pushed me to a nomadic point of gluttony, like gehd! i can't stop myself from eating! like i want to stuff lohts of lohhts of chohclts ohn muhy fohs!

for now, i will stay fit while i'm able. i couldn't imagine myself waking up twice as much as my body.

Monday, January 13, 2014

ano ba talaga?

was romanticizing again with my ever not so coherent love life, maybe i'm still enjoying being single and keep on saying to my friends that i'm still on my 20's and it's my prime time.

ironically, i just broke somebody's heart. or maybe a lot of "someones'"heart.. but hey, i've been hurt a lot of times too. so i consider that to be fair. i just can't force myself to be with someone whom i'm not so sure of. it's always been quality and not quantity, that's how my version of a boy who named Crow keeps on telling me.

i have a friend who used to be my club buddy who turns out to be one of my close friend in terms of club hopping, coffee and ehem, boy hunting. i know who are his crushes and who he fantasized. we got so close that we are getting comfortable sharing secrets. then suddenly, he was struck by cupid's arrow, i mean he fell in love- with this boy whom he just had sex with for a night. i keep on saying him that it could only be a one night stand for christ's sake and that's it! what he is feeling right now is just a temporary glitch! but he's persistent and make "ligaw".

he's very mad about this guy to the extend i have to support him to be with him in a club when i just declared no alcohol for a month. but damn, he is like throwing a big party and treat us with drinks and pica pica. for friendship and "libre" well, sorry, i can't say no to that. but it end up he was busted the same night. the idea was that my friend was too eager and his crush isn't ready. to make story short, my friend was frustratingly shattered. and i become, his automatic cosoler (is there such a noun for that?) and most of the time, his shrink. yeah, he has gone out of his mind and my phone is full of text msges and missed calls. and if we had a chance to talk, we talked for hours, i mean he usually do the talking, having the same story again and again and again. ugh'

my advice and suggested therapies includes watching these films:

1. walt disney's frozen (so that he would consider the notion that knowing somebody for a day and declaring he fell in love with him at the same time is: stupid)

2. 500 days of summer (men, i just love that film, such a classic! although i always see myself as Summer and not Tom but it's a good film movie who just gotten himself into the mad world of brokenhearted)

3. lastly, star cinema's one more chance (well, my friend keep on asking if he still have the chance since he messed up and he blew it big time, so i suggested this film and he might learn some lessons on how to retrieve a short lived love affair)

hopefully he could get over with it. it's stressing the hell out of me. but wait, i'm just wondering, have i also caused someone to be like him?

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

keeping the tradition

watching the 1st sunrise of the year on a shore that I've never been before. It's been raining since I got here, so I'm still lucky to catch even just a glimpse of it.

Yeah, it's my first time here in bora. Since I grew up in an island and I've been to a lot of good beaches around visayas, so bora (for me) is no big deal. But boracay is THE BORACAY. Which constantly gnawing at me every time I see it on magazines and postcards. So finally I made it here and it was an escapade I couldn't fully describe how great it has been

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