Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Howl's Moving Castle

just as i thought i'm done watching all anime from studio ghibli, this film surprized me as it pops up the moment i typed in hayao miyazaki on watch32 mobile site. the top entries on their search engine are my favorites (well i think all of them are. from my neighbour totoro, kiki's delivery service, the borrower ariety and so on) then the moment i scrolled down, i found this film at the very bottom, and im glad it's viewable on my mobile as i need to kill some time as i'm waiting for the office gym to be vacant.

the environment and the emotional landscapes remind me of castle in the sky and kiki's delivery service combined. but the plot is quite different and somehow it gives me this certain jolt of warm elation upon realizing that being old is not that bad. i mean, i already had this bargaining with the universe that i would be contended and consider myself lucky to die at 50 as i really don't wanna be a senile old man and be somebody's pain in the ass. but Sofie's experience in this film somehow deviate on that notion, maybe because of the magic hayao miyazaki put her in--- without it, her life could be miserably dull and boring. but hey' all of us can still make magic! in one way or another!

well another hayao miyazaki film that sends me flying.

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