Saturday, January 18, 2014

Keep the fire and we gonna let it burn

my ideal would be every other day or at least 3 times a week, there are certain months that i can attain that but usually i could only hit the gym twice a week, maybe because i usually jog on weekends and i could consider that as an ultimate workout, not just for the body but also for my restless soul.

my ideal time for gym would be after shift, around 1am or 2am, by then i have the whole office gym for myself. while working out, i can burst out my frustrations, sometimes anger. lifting weights kinda not my thing but i have to for me to gain weight and bulk up my naturally wafer-thin figure. i can dance and sing out loud specially during warm showers. in a way, it's all about de-stressing.

meanwhile jogging around UP ikot make me reminisce and listen to Jam 88.3's "different Sunday"

but if i have the time and resources, i would like to enroll myself for a swimming club. and maybe tennis. and yeah.. pole dancing! then a combination of all working out discipline such as plana forma? but then again, i hate crowd. for me i would lose focus and cannot complete my self imposed routine. since the last quarter of last year, it's been shivering cold here in manila plus the recent holidays pushed me to a nomadic point of gluttony, like gehd! i can't stop myself from eating! like i want to stuff lohts of lohhts of chohclts ohn muhy fohs!

for now, i will stay fit while i'm able. i couldn't imagine myself waking up twice as much as my body.

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