Wednesday, January 29, 2014


my fingers tried to trace the feelings
that still linger when i see your face
in my mind
a labyrinthal landscape
Swirling into the bushes
with no escape
for longing
for searching
that endless bliss
Eyes, dilated, in rapture
a palpation
of blood racing through my veins
into the chambers of my heart;
radiating to each corner of our embrace.
mouths half open
searing teeth that make love to my skin
---rubbing bodies melting into a pond
drowning ourselves
Breathing to each others breathe
In murmurs and moans
a chant of bygone tribes which dances
with the moon
welcoming, anticipating the coming of rain
that drench this parched land
that we are living in
--devoid of laughter
--devoid of dreams
a celabratory hymn
until we sweat amidst the cold
stroking each other to sleep
until then,
my fingers keep on tracing
the buried feelings
recounting the heat
that you bore
into my core
only to find my nails
filled with dirt
filled with defeat

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