Wednesday, February 05, 2014

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weekend escapade at matabungkay batangas with shem loreto, lady hamri, karen bernardino, viginia barba and chamie palahang

Sunday, February 02, 2014

of revenge, karma and curse


one of the best revenge movies i've seen in all time is Kill Bill (part 1 and 2) and the the second is still with the same director: quentin tarantino’s inglourious basterds

one of the most notable scene i could consider is how Shosanna Dreyfus gasped for breath after talking with SD Standartenf├╝hrer Hans "The Jew Hunter" Landa, the person who's responsible for her family's massacre.

i got that same feeling when after several years of living life in tranquillity, was now come face to face with the girl who once accused me of stealing her money. the girl who one time killed my innocence. that night, while on top of the mt. malasimbo i want to come up with a plan of her: rolling off the cliff to her death and it would appears as an accident. but of course i have to brush it off as i'm not that evil yet.


i have this college crush (2nd from my primary crush) who one time shared a story about his childhood years. he said that on his elementary years he was accused of stealing a toy or a gadget by his classmate and that caused him so much anxiety and imagine that fresh innocence from a young boy emerged in such false accusation.

that scenario unfortunately also happened to me. there was this girl who accused me of stealing money from her while im giving her a massage. for me giving someone a massage is therapeutic as making someone's body as an outlet keeps my tensions away, i got that habit when i entered a theatre org and somehow it can lessen my stage fright while i'm waiting for my turn. so i'm actually known by my org mates who can massage very well. but never a thief.

although it's nothing to be proud of but i can declare that my parents didn't spend a single centavo in my college education. i made my way to UP Cebu with less support from my parents as i have younger siblings to be taken care of and i managed be on a tuition "free" education. plus i have scholarships from Japan Helping Activities which give me school allowance every month and some stipend from our school itself as i'm one of those considered to be financially challenged. my allowance is enough for me and i'm not envious with other classmates who shouldn't even be allowed to be in UP at that time as they are too rich to be subsidized by the government. and this girl, who said she got an iphone? (which is a very expensive and "social phone" during our era) sold it to someone as she planned to upgrade for a new phone and that money was gone.

i can't blame her "katangahan" when she lost it that day i massaged her, it might be a bad karma for her why she lost her money in the first place but why blame others for the lost of it? is she afraid that her mom would know about how she sold her phone and lost all the money and then she has to find someone to be accused of so she won't receive the possible beating? and for hundreds of possible suspects on that day, i am the one whom she suspected.

even at my teenage years, im quite independent and able to find part time jobs. i could jot down these series of working experience on my resume:

*an art teacher Bright Academy

*summer art workshop facilitator (PSC)

*luna art gallery staff

*BDO children saver's club promodizer

*choreographer (san carlos, marie ernistine)

*stage designer

*fashion accessories designer

i can't remember how much was the amount she lost but she can't imagine the cost of my lost innocence the moment she spread the rumour in our school. And one time she had the guts to blackmail me by asking me to lend her a couple of thousand pesos as she needs to gather enough money for her lost money and buy the upgraded phone. i don't know why i'm so soft hearted but i lend her 2000 pesos in good faith and also to help her even if she accused me. that money fresh from a choreography job at mary ernistine for their school end program with Chai she use it as an evidence that i took her lost money. like wtf?!

more of karma and a curse, retracted

up until now, that girl owes me 2 grand and if only i can bring back the time, i would like to sue her for false accusation, unpaid "utang" and morale damages.and if karma is a bitch, she better brace herself for unparralled misfortunes as , just like what my college crush had experienced in his elementary years, this has done irreconcilable devastating effects (if not my image, since im strong enough to protect it) on my reputation.

i'm just lucky at that time that i have my bf who supported me emotionally, sunshine's dad for legal advise, my grandma and my family who believes in me. i actually cursed her one time (an agreement with the devil to put misery on her in exchange for few remaining days of my life) but i think i better retract it as Karma has its own way of working things out.

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