Saturday, March 15, 2014

my unicef moment

children at patar beach, bolinao with Alan Ayuste Ramos and Mimar Castillo
just right after the summer of my last elementary years, i become one of the assistant catechists in our local "kapilya", in commemoration of Flores de Mayo, this is the time when we sort of teach and learn the doings of Jesus and pray the rosary. i love hearing and singing the "ave maria". well it's way back when i'm still a devout christian and a huge fan of mama Mary.

but years after that, i still find myself attached to children other than teenagers of my age. it's not pedophilia mind you, since i just find it amusing to tell stories and do creative acting that can stir their imaginations. just like telling them stories about our seaside village myths, lost spirits and crawling amputated hands which they thought to be sand crabs during the moonless night.

that leads me to become an art teacher in BRIGHT academy for more than 3 years and even had a stint on art lessons and art workshop with the children of workers from Primary Structures Corp. For me, working and interacting with children is less toxic, since most of them don't have any inhibitions and their heart is still pure from the harsh reality of life itself. And i must tell you how rewarding is being a teacher, seeing them drawing or painting their first sun or first star with you.

although i'm not imposing this--- might because at my age and if i were a biologically created as a woman, i should be giving birth, so this preconceived maternal instincts are telling me that we adults are more or less responsible on how these children think and understand the world,  so please.. take good care of the children, as the late Whitney believes they are our future.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

ang mahiwagang kamera

kakulitan sa jco eastwood libis with arriane, alyssa and roy

Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng camera 360, parang pamilia Cojuanco lang ang effect--- pero sa totoong buhay, mga nagatatabas lang pala talahib sa hacienda luisita. Prost!

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