Wednesday, April 09, 2014

almost entirely

If Causeway bay HK is like Cubao, Peking road is BGC, while Taipa Macau is like maginhawa street in QC.

So laid back and so relaxing. Before I get sleepy, let's have go and have a cuppa coffee.

i first saw this coffee shop while inside a shuttle from the Macau pier on our way to the hotel. it is one of those spot, let say in a movie or on a page of a magazine? that you caught yourself muttering something  under your breath like "i'm gonna be there!".

it's relatively small yet quiant compared to coffee shops that i passed by in hk. one thing that attracts me to this place is that it has this notion of it's the only coffee shop in town yet the locals are not crazy about this place at all. it makes me imagine of a lost cabin in the woods and i'm the only person who can actually see it. The moment i get in, it seems that the shop was opened just for myself, the whole place was almost entirely abandoned other than the cashier (who also brew the coffee and serve the pastries) and maybe some cats or rats hiding somewhere, taking the afternoon nap.

this is where i was completely at tuned with myself. it is my 3rd day of "being abroad" and it's my first time to let off some steam from all the chaos, lost in translation, money changers and all those uncertainties from unknown territories. i think it's a misnomer that if you're on a vacation to a foreign place, it's nothing but bed of roses. well, hell no! it wasn't the case.

i can only visualize all the obstacles, challenges and havocs of this trip as sugar cubes melting into the coffee, together with the bitter sweet memories of the past, i sip it all in.

finally, after seemingly a very long long time, i was able to breathe.

instead of throwing a party, with all the tasks of preparing food and drinks and entertaining guests for my 29th birthday, here i am, having a simple day inside a small coffee shop. having coffee, nibbling on a portuguese egg tart and rereading a murakami.

this framed cat portrait inside their loo reminds me of Chai, who among my core friends, greeted me first thing in the morning, sending her love from Cebu to the network providers here in this quite town. this picture sort of sending me a message as well.

so i let the day passed by.
almost entirely doing nothing.
i just opened my eyes,
and look straight ahead.

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