Tuesday, April 08, 2014

hen huan ying ni

i feel that i have done so much good things in the past and this trip has its way of saying straight to the chinese universe: 'hen huan ying ni'

amusing to think the never ending exchanges of thank yous and you're welcomes with the universe put us on a give and take phenomena with the people around you, the way you handled a situation and maybe the spirits that are hovering around us.

it is a trip of being grateful to the universe and the universe conspire with me for being thankful of which is in perpendicular to what we had this "fuck you world summit" last December when finally' the 5 of us reunited.

chilling out inside out. as temp outside is at 17 deg celsius. and i thought it's already summer!
one of the perks of going to a new place is that obviously, everything is new to me. the zeitgeist do sometimes demands and suggests certain fads but this time it's only there to tell me that if i got an instagram account, my followers might be bombarded with hundreds of photographs in one day! i even have a lot in my cam phone memory card that i'm still thinking if i should post it or not.

here i'm all alone in our hotel. Allan is with his family and they are in Disneyland. for some reasons, i rather roam around HK than get stuck in that amusement park, an indicator that i'm too old and too jaded to meet a man or a woman inside micky mouse mascot, let alone shake hands or hug goofy. like duh..

so instead i hop out from central hk to kowloon via star ferry and went into figuring out "how to get here how to get there" mission using this hotel provided map. it's an adventure of its own, being puzzled and exploring the place around you. it is definitely exhilirating when i'm able to see and being "i'm here!" in the places i've previously seen in google or in the lonely planet guide.

i fiil beri smor.
without any companion and without a tripod, i set my camera on self timer and place it leaning on my shoulder bag. sometimes i felt awkward possing from afar without a photographer. people around are wondering why i pose without seeing someone taking a picture of me. every now and then i get paranoid that there might somone who report it to the police that my bag is a bomb and my phone is a detonator as i keep dropping it on the floor while my camphone is ticking itself to take the picture. yes, it was so silly.  

ayse cremu!
one of so many things i admire in hk is that it's clean, it's not so polluted, there are no thiefs to steal your phone (propbably my gadget is way too obsolete from what they currently have ahaha) and most of all, nobody knows me. so i can feel and act like tourist whenever i like. i can sing, scream gibberish chinese on top of my lungs without being spotted by someone and spread it on facebook that i'm going nuts. it was really fun even if i could only afford a mister softee (i just found out it's a famous mobile ice cream since the 70's). yum!

at the heritage
temperature is dropping down by the minute so i got to walk, walk and walk. then i stumbled on this place, i've seen this gigantic boquet of cold roses from afar then i went down the subway to check it out. when you're all alone and nobody to talk with, your mind has a tendency to interact within your mind. so i was imagining if i have a contact in hong kong and if he's asking where he could find me, i will simply say: "i'm in a place where there are two winged horses beneath a tree of gigantic flowers".  contextually it doesn't make sense but i think my contact won't fail to see me as this place is very hard to miss.

we also have pegasus in quezon city, but it's completely a different place!

another spot i want a selfie taken, but the floor is too wet to lay my bag and set the self timer in my camphone. i wish the extendable monopod for camphone is already existent when i got this pic. since this tableau always being on somebody else's background, i let them bask the limelight this time. most people now (i think including myself) lost the ideal concept of travelling, it should be you seing and being with the place, not yourself inside the frame and the place is just the witness. did i make any sense? or i think i'm just too tired. got to go' bye!

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