Monday, April 07, 2014

it's time!

still, it won't dawn on me that after all the travels i made in the past, this time the cab went into a different terminal, from domestic to "international" 
it's around 3am when i got out from the appartment and hailed a cab. i'm still groggy from my mid shift work and i have to be in the airport atleast 3 hours earlier from my scheduled flight, as this is not juts a domestic but an international flight?! ahaha. it sounds so big deal for a first timer but i just can't help to get excited for this trip as finally i can experience and say "i've been outside the country, i've been abroad".   

first glimpse of the foreign shores
i think it was roughly a two hour flight from manila to hong kong, first half i went to sleep and between the flight they served a meal. that's the time i listened to bjork and i got her volta album specifically prepared for this moment. i'm in the middle of "vertebrae by vertebrae" when we passed through a huge dark cloud that curtains our destination. finally the first scene that pops out is a single floating ship 90deg from my window. that image sort of froze me from some time until the plane swivel to a normal position when i finally reached for my camphone and tok this picture.

Airport Express brings you from hk intl airport to Central within 28mins! but it would cost you HKD180.00 for a two way ride
i strode across the colossal and ooomph ultra modern  hk international airport just like Sylvia Plath's Esther Greenwood enter the hall ways of esteemed magazine publishing office in New York, trying to be confident and jubilant but i end up taking a queue on the "prime minister's" emigration desk. it was so emberassing. even the local residents lining up simultaneously look at me. 

sorry naman, naninibago lang po

that was just the start of my journey. figuring out their train system (mtr) is one thing. if Manila's MRT is physically exhausting, HK's MTR is psychologically challenging--- specially when you're all alone, without a travel guide without proper briefing. i think this is beyond getting lost in translation. oh well, let this one hell of rollercoaster ride begin. go!

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