Friday, April 11, 2014

oreo enter tryst

Billboard in Central Hong Kong. Giving me a glimpse of how hot locals can be.

it might be because i'm not aware of the places where gay people usually hang out as it seems that to all places i went to in hk, gay scene is not that rampant. i haven't seen any gay or lesbian couple holding hands or smooching somewhere anywhere. i went to the time square, chai wan, to victoria park, peking road, mtr stations but none (unlike in manila specially in cubao or in malate)

but once, i spotted a couple---two giddy strangers who just had their first meeting on a hidden bench under the canal road flyover. other than that, i could only pass by cute guys looking at me and once i glimpse back with that marina abramovic‘s the artist is present stare, they sort of mutter something under their breath like: "sorry Buddha"

although having a date is not a priority but it doesn't hurt to be excited who i can possibly meet around the city. A spur of the moment big time sensuality! A hope to experience a happy version of Wong Kar-wai’s “happy together”! curious who are the queer people around, I logged into a gay social site and i got instant invites, but to my surprise the gay folks around are actually not locals but Caucasians who are here for a business trip and tourist from other countries. among the bombarding msges i got this top 3 potentials:

*since im in the land of Chinese empire, i want to meet a local, and here's this cute part chinese part british guy who's inviting me for a drink in a bar inside hyatt hotel, which is too far from our hotel and his msges and presence on that dating site is intermittent, and i cannot afford lounging in that bar and waste my money for a whiskey on a rock let alone looking stupid for waiting for someone who won’t pop up. so i have to crush him down on my list,

*there's this filipino guy whose pictures online is so hot. but my idea is to meet him on a date. never i knew he's actually too loud in person. i mean i love loud persons as most of my friends are, but he's too way over the top. although he's sweet as brought some mrs fields cup cake and gong cha milk tea, i manage to let him in and talk (which is too much, so full of himself.. ahaha), but i have to send him out afterwards.

*then there's this caucasian guy (among many others) who is finally my type. tall, young and able. he even wish to make love and have 3 rounds of sex. like what?! i was even swooning with the idea that i'll be like Coco---the character in Wei Hui's Shanghai Baby who end up having an affair with a german expat. but too bad, as our sched didn't meet. his trip going to hk is the same day that im leaving to macau. then the moment i have to go back to hong kong, he's on a business meeting and the moment he's done with it, that's the time i'm leaving back to the Philippines.

sighers. surmise to say that this trip is more of a spiritual journey than physical. to think this county is a metropolitan. my luck on this might turn around when i go to more spiritual places such as cambodia or thailand. hmmn, it's giving me an idea where to book next. Hmpf!

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