Tuesday, April 08, 2014

xie xie ni!

last sunset before my 29th bday at the Kowloon Pier

It started with resigning myself to the idea of spending my birthday in front of a computer, in a small cubicle, inside the office. I was thinking I will take my leave on 8th so I could welcome the eve of my birthday then work on the very same date. Since it’s a legal holiday here in the Philippines, I could earn double pay. I mean it’s just another birthday so no big deal. But the notion of giving up my annual tradition of spending my birthday to an alien place is still scratching on me.

Roughly 1 week from my birthday I got a call from one of my close friends who drops a huge bomb, which eventually shattered all my plans on how I will be spending my day and the whole week of my bday.

As he simply said: “let’s go to hong kong!”

If only I’m 10 years younger, I would simply quips “Go!”
As my usual character is that I usually don’t think and just go with the flow
Moving forward, I’m still treading on the rim of spontaneity but now leaning towards critical thinking.
He said he will be going to hong kong and macau with his family and there’s an extra accommodation for their 1 week stay.

So series of thoughts went into my mind:

* I could save for hotel accommodation

* this is a long overdue trip going abroad, although I want my first time to be in Cambodia but ..

* it will be my first stamp on my passport which is already 3 years old from the date I got it from DFA (we had this joke about passports not getting stamped)

*Bjork had her Volta tour in HK 6 years ago, so that’s the closest thing I could be near her footprints.

* the trip is from April 7 to 11, that’s 5 days of abscences from work and that merit a memo from the manager

* I’m planning to use my earnings to buy the sony Z2 tablet to replace my hp 2140 netbook which I gave to my younger brother

*but hey, to hell with gadgets..

With all those pros and cons one thing that will prove that it’s really mine to take (a bet with the universe) is: if the airfare is below 10k for a back and forth ticket.

Lo and behold, I checked PAL and they got this USD199 promo to HK almost 2k less from my envisioned airfare budget (which is a bargain compared to their usual roundtrip fare of USD350) i can imagine the angels, the saints and even the devils are actually jumping for joy!

Without second thought, I booked it online and got my itinerary receipt at PAL ticketing office in Cubao.
From the long queue and worse emigration kiosk of NAI2 to mind boggling HK international airport everything seems to be a blur. I know it’s not a big deal for almost everybody, but there’s always a certain magic on “first time..”

Which could be at par with BB’s never ending question: “when as the last time you did something for the first time?”

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