Friday, October 17, 2014

and then you wrote:

"i don't feel anything special about you anymore."

Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Just recently, it's almost every day that i ride the mrt from qc since the day i was assigned in mckinley. unlike before, i usually ride the mrt only during weekends ---and not during rush hours. now i realized how hard it is for those who need to commute during these times. but one thing that i like riding the mrt is the randomness of your co passengers. and i admit i really like it when i chance to ride beside a cute guy.

all of us has this "my type" kind of guy - earlier he happened to be right beside me. i was listening to jlo's "first love" when i noticed he is fixing his hair on the glass window. in my head, i wanna say: "lemme fix that for you". he was smiling and saying something and i thought he was responding to the voices inside my head, i took off my earphone and he is actually talking to his colleague on his other side. i really like his eyes (which is my weakness), his side burns and a subtle waft of his underarm deo while he is toying with his hair.

i could melt right there and then. i could only wish we were commuting sweethearts who are heading to our respective offices in makati together, having an early morning chat while ignoring the pressing crowd inside the train. but he is a station further and as soon as the sliding doors opened where i need to exit, my wishful thoughts snap off. i did my final glimpse of him and in my head i could only say: "goodbye babe, hope to see you again."

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