Wednesday, June 10, 2015

keep steady

taking selfies nowadays is something that is done as banal as taking out a booger in your nose. there are times that i kind of find it strange or disgusting when someone is taking a selfie, smiling, then once that person put her cellphone down, she is back with her snooty face.

i came to associate taking selfie as sticking someone's finger up her nose and picking boogers. but this one, i am doing it while on the plane up in the sky and there was some mild turbulence.

a way to level up a mundane task, i guess?

just came back from Cebu to attend my dear Grandma's funeral and heading back to Manila after I spent time with family and friends as this trip is sort of a reunion for us as well.

its one of those vacation that i spent long enough to say im not heading back here (Cebu) for a long while. I am fully recharged and ready for full blast action.

the summer has just ended, so it's the time when most planes are not jam packed and I was lucky to get the seat near the emergency door which i have so much leg room. As if i am not lucky enough, my seats beside are empty, so i have my bag, and this girl on the fridge, sitting right beside me.

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