Tuesday, July 04, 2017

with my maxie bella

at the CCP for the official opening of Eigasai 2017


Monday, July 03, 2017

I hope this could let me understand you well

it's been days
since I am wondering
long enough to sort things out
looking at you as a creature
with the burning sting

you dive into the deep waters
and seek solitude to lick your wounds

a pendelum put into a halt
I'm too cold to wave a distress signal
It seems there comes a time
when I realize you tied yourself on a sinking ship
dowsing for hatred
cannot seem to forgive and forget.

dropping off my anchor
I just wanted to make a connection,

however you've lost yourself
deep deep down at the very dark
squinting for faint pattern
finding constellations
that will clue me in

playing mind games,
wishful thinking, I might win

useless to degrade myself in front of you.
I try not to ascend faster than your bubbles
allowing my body to flush out
exhale dissolved nitrogen
a sure way to test my endurance

you are when you are ready, If not
then i will simply count my blessings

fire can melt them somewhat,
air can alter their shape,
but you are who you are
still fixed and concrete
down on the ocean floor

a "fixed" water sign
like ice: desolate and unkind

Friday, June 09, 2017

moon weaver

like a tale of two paramours
one weaves an invisible bond
an ability
to tie up something within
without him-self being present

random posts:
declaration of longingness,
throbbing with hidden meanings.
how could he sense each other's feelings?
sharing the same
suffering and endearment.

what do you have in mind?
a fading image that gets across the state of pain
a never ending soundtrack
a forbidden love: in the darkest ocean
of your social media app

Who is it?
going through their worldly urges
of wanting to “hand [themselves] over”
never clarify if he goes on with his urges
and becomes romantically entangled with him
then confess his sin
only to die later but not before declaring
that he loves him better

two moons in two different worlds
too isolated by just creasing a fold

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lea Salonga with the BYU Chamber Orchestra

Now it is clear to me why she was considered as one of the world's finest---having the powerful voice and "perfect pitch".

Way beyond that, what makes her deserve the Tony Awards and what makes the world got captivated is the way she sings, as if she has a very crucial message to tell and one ought to listen to her story.

She wants you to feel the pain, the sorrow and the wonders of how human should live. All of her performances made me hop from one musical/broadway/stage production to another. From Cats, West Side Story, Miss Saigon, Disney OSTs to Les Misérables. It was one of those nights that I can tell to myself: "i am having the BEST night of my life"

Truly, it was a musical treat.

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