Monday, July 03, 2017

I hope this could let me understand you well

it's been days
since I am wondering
long enough to sort things out
looking at you as a creature
with the burning sting

you dive into the deep waters
and seek solitude to lick your wounds

a pendelum put into a halt
I'm too cold to wave a distress signal
It seems there comes a time
when I realize you tied yourself on a sinking ship
dowsing for hatred
cannot seem to forgive and forget.

dropping off my anchor
I just wanted to make a connection,

however you've lost yourself
deep deep down at the very dark
squinting for faint pattern
finding constellations
that will clue me in

playing mind games,
wishful thinking, I might win

useless to degrade myself in front of you.
I try not to ascend faster than your bubbles
allowing my body to flush out
exhale dissolved nitrogen
a sure way to test my endurance

you are when you are ready, If not
then i will simply count my blessings

fire can melt them somewhat,
air can alter their shape,
but you are who you are
still fixed and concrete
down on the ocean floor

a "fixed" water sign
like ice: desolate and unkind

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